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Why Does TikTok Take Up So Much Storage?

    TikTok permits anyone to create videos. But it can become large when you use this app briefly. You may be wondering why TikTok consumes enormous storage space on your phone.

    Like other social media platforms such as Facebook, People express their displeasure that TikTok consumes a significant part of their smartphone storage.

    If the application takes up so many kilos when you utilize it, here’s a thorough explanation of the issue and the best way to resolve it.

    In this piece, you’ll learn why TikTok occupies lots of storage space on your gadget. You’ll also discover how to reduce TikTok storage.

    What is the reason TikTok Utilize so much space on my phone?

    In terms of storage capacity, TikTok is a massive hogger. TikTok keeps everything, including your draft files and the history of your watch TikTok cache, and all of this could quickly grow.

    If you want to know more of an explanation, the logic is quite simple the more time you spend using the application, the more data it’ll collect, and the larger space it’ll take to fill up your phone.

    The application occupies more than 300MB of space on your phone. However, the use of video, heavy downloads and the ability to save drafts can boost that quantity to several gigabytes and has been said to go as large as 221GB!

    What exactly is a Cache? What is a Cache TikTok?

    TikTok cache is a term used to describe files, specifically videos, that are stored on your device’s memory. These files accumulate when your video draft uploads and your watch history increases.

    Learn how to repair the TikTok application cache, assisting you to have more space for storage.

    Clear Cache

    It is possible to clear TikTok cache data from your device’s settings and the application. We’ll look at how you can remove the cache in the app and your smartphone.

    How do I clear TikTok Cache (App)

    Use these steps to get rid of the TikTok cache in the app:

    • Start the TikTok application.
    • Choose the Profile icon in the bottom-right corner.
    • Select the three vertical, horizontal stripes (hamburger icon) in the upper left corner.
    • Choose Settings and Privacy.
    • Click on the Free space underneath Cache & Cellular.
    • Click to Clear the Cache section.
    • Verify that you can delete the cache.

    How can you get rid of TikTok’s cache (Android)

    This is how you can clear the cache of your app from devices Settings:

    • Open your device Settings.
    • Make sure to select the app’s settings.
    • Select Manage Apps
    • Find and choose TikTok.
    • Click Clear Data > Clear cache

    How do I clear TikTok Cache on a PC?

    Cleaning the cache of TikTok’s desktop version is simple. Following the instructions below:

    Note 1: The update doesn’t affect your video or your account. But it’ll force users to log in again. Thus, ensure that you be aware of your password before proceeding.

    Note 2: We’ve shown the steps below in our Google Chrome browser.

    • Check out the TikTok site on your laptop or computer browser. Sign in to your account.
    • The lock icon is on the address bar at the top, and then select Settings for the site.
    • To erase data To clear data, click Clear Data.
    • Click Clear from the pop-up menu to confirm the operation.

    Reduce TikTok’s storage (iPhone)

    iPhone users can clean their TikTok app cache by following these steps:

    • Launch the application
    • Click the profile icon in the lower right corner.
    • Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Pick Settings and Privacy.
    • Scroll down for cache and mobile information.
    • Click Clear cache to clear the cache.

    Remove TikTok Drafts

    Certain of your TikTok drafts take up a lot of area on your phone.

    Then, you can open TikTok and browse your profile; beneath three lines, you’ll find your draft. Go to the Drafts Screen.

    Click on the Select Button, which appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Then choose the drafts you’ll not use anymore.

    And finally, click on the delete button at the bottom of the bar and confirm the decision.

    When you’ve deleted your drafts on TikTok, it will perform better. This trick applies to a lot of users. So could you not put your sleep on it?

    Delete TikTok App Downloads

    On TikTok, You can download any video found on FyP.

    It’s a problem that the videos consume a significant amount of space that can cause you to be able to store a lot of content downloaded on your smartphone.

    Then, visit your phone library and press long-press on the TikTok videos you wish to remove.

    Select “Delete,” or bulk-delete many videos at once.

    It will free up lots of space, much more so than when deletion of drafts you don’t want to in the application.

    Reinstall TikTok App

    Finally, you can install TikTok to erase every data item stored in the application.

    Users can delete TikTok using a long-press on the TikTok icon at the top of their home screen before clicking “Remove app.”

    After that, go to the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS) to download TikTok and again.

    Be assured that the information on your account will be recovered.


    If you notice that the TikTok application is consuming large amounts of storage space on either your iPhone or Android device, that implies that you’re utilizing this app more.

    The reason is not that you download videos or save drafts. The data store includes effects, cache and filters, stickers that you download, and your Watch History.

    It is the total storage that the TikTok application consumes on your smartphone. For a fix, do a bit of this and this.

    If you’re looking to clean the memory TikTok used to store your iPhone, You can decrease the amount you need to clear by doing this.


    Here are some commonly requested questions about the reason TikTok uses up so much application storage space:

    Do you think that clearing the TikTok cache left storage space?

    Clearing the TikTok cache can free the space and helps it run better.

    How much storage space does TikTok use?

    The amount of storage TikTok consumes depends on your actions through the app. For example, frequent downloading of TikTok videos will quickly drain the device’s memory. Users have shared that the application used up many gigabytes of memory, whereas others claimed it used several hundred megabytes.

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