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Why Were Chainsaws invented

    The procedure was done by hand with a small knife and saw to cut the bone. The procedure was performed without anesthesia to a mother during labor. It took a lot of time and was messy and painful.

    If you’re screaming, we’re only beginning to get to the chainsaw section. 13th Floor provided us with the story of the standard saw. Two doctors created the chainsaw around 1780 to aid in taking out pelvic bone simpler and faster during the birth of a child. It was operated with a hand crank. It was shaped like a modern kitchen knife, with tiny teeth attached to a chain wound around an oval. You’re probably picturing the loud devices that could destroy trees in just a few moments, but this is smaller and looks more like a tool for medical use.

    However, anything that includes the words chainsaw, knife saw, blade, or chainsaw being thrown at you in a fully conscious operation is frightening! This is the very first surgical chainsaw utilized for surgery symphysiotomies.

    The chainsaw was later employed in other surgical procedures and operations in the surgical rooms. Then it became a woodworking tool after people realized how fast and efficiently it could get through anything. It got more extensive and powerful and eventually became the beast we have now.

    Symphysiotomies have been discontinued; however, they can still be performed within “Third world” countries in which an operating area for caesarian surgery is not available. However, they’re no longer being performed on the mainland of the United States.

    Are chainsaws designed for childbirth?

    The first chainsaw was created during the birthing process, but it was a long way from the electric beasts that we used to cut down trees today.

    The idea was conceived through two Scottish doctors, James Jeffrey and John Aitken. John Aitken and James Jeffrey in the latter half of the 18th century to aid in the symphysiotomy procedure.

    Symphysiotomy refers to a surgical procedure involving the pubic symphysis getting divided to increase the pelvis size if the baby is in a position where there is no way of caesarian sections.

    It was previously carried out with a knife, took a long time, and was extremely painful.

    The first chainsaw was operated manually by turning a handle that moved the teethed chains around the guide blade. This made the process more straightforward.

    What was the reason Chainsaws was invented?

    When I first learned that the chainsaw was initially designed to aid in childbirth, images of a modern chainsaw in an operating theatre came to mind.

    Imagine your obstetrician walking into the delivery room running a 90cc chainsaw similar to Husky 592XP? Husky 592XP?

    If this were the case, then I’m sure that just the sound and sight of the chainsaw could cause any woman to deliver a baby, no matter how much the baby was stuck!

    But, as you see in the image of the first chainsaw, it’s not similar to the chainsaws that we used to cut firewood or the felling of trees.

    What is a Symphysiotomy?

    The chainsaw of doctors was employed during symphysiotomies.

    The procedure was performed on pregnant women at birth, instead of a caesarian surgery, which is the current practice.

    A symphysiotomy is a procedure that involves cutting the cartilage and ligaments in the pelvic joint to expand it, allowing a baby to be delivered with no obstruction.

    Women were at risk, as there were significant changes of getting sick, suffering in the bladder, injury to the bladder, and even the long-term difficulty of walking.

    The procedure was widely used for treating obstructed labor from 1597 onwards. However, the procedure became less common at the end of the 20th century, as the risk of maternal death due to caesarian sections diminished due to advances in methods and hygiene.

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