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Yasmeen Nicole Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Measurements, Ethnicity, Facts

    Yasmeen Nicole is an American Instagram star who is a known as a famous photographer and famous for her stunning selfies. Her camera’s performance has resulted in her having 1.2 million followers on Instagram. It’s Instagram profile llil.yas. Her warmth and friendly style of communication has attracted an impressive number of followers to her account via the social networks. She’s constantly in contact with her large fan base and also her circle of friends via social media. Go through her bio for more details about Yasmeen Nicole’s bio as well as her Wiki Age. Also, weight, height measurements for her boyfriend Body measurements net worth, career and Family, and other information about her.

    Yasmeen Nicole’s measures include Weight and the height

    Are you more taller than Yasmeen Nicole You can find her at five feet and 5 inches tall tall which is 1.65 millimeters. This is 160 millimeters. She weighs around 55kg, which is 121lbs. Her gorgeous appearance is characterized by hair with blonde and brown eyes. How do you know the measurements of Yasmeen Nicole she is known for? She often entertains her followers with photos that show models via Instagram and they appear to be content to show their appreciation for her pictures. The measurements of her body range between 34 and 28 inches. Her bra measures 34 C. which is 34 C.

    Yasmeen Nicole Boyfriend

    The YouTube star was named Kobe Bryce Lankford. She’s had an affair with an individual named Victor. Her birthplace is Dallas, Texas.

    Yasmeen Nicole Net Worth

    Yasmeen Nicole is naturally adept at engaging viewers , and she has a natural sense of social sociability. She also shows her humorous side and an innate sense of humor when playing pranks or challenging her appearance on YouTube videos. She is estimated to have a net worth estimated to be in the range of $300-$500k.

    Yasmeen Nicole Wiki/Biography/Wikipedia

    The real name is Yasmeen Nicole

    Minimum age of 18. (As 2021)

    Date of birth: 4 February 2003

    Ethnicity Mixed

    5 feet 5 inches in height

    Weight 55kg

    Measurements 34-28-40 inches

    Bra Cup Size 34 C

    Boyfriend Kobe Bryce Lankford

    Net Worth of $300k-$500k in 2021.

    Yasmeen Nicole Career

    Lil Yas was born on February 4 , 2003. That means she’s turning 18. A few days prior to their birthdays, Yasmeen Nicole shared pictures of her when she was a baby as well as as a toddler. The photos are from 2004.

    Influencers with a presence on the social media platforms have gained over 1.2 million Instagram followers. Instagram and six42k subscribers who follow them on YouTube. Her online profile began with her first blog post published on Instagram in the year of 2016 and she gained a huge amount of attention as fashion models.

    YouTube videos she’s shared on her channel have gotten a lot of viewers. The most famous YouTube video that she’s uploaded was called”How to make a killer bun” LMAOO, which has been watched more than 6.1 million people.

    This page’s writer of this page has announced that she’s expecting a boy. The creator said that the baby wasn’t planned, but she is happy.

    Yasmeen Nicole Facts

    • YouTuber that is from Texas Yasmeen Nicole shocked her fans online this morning by announcing that she was expecting her first baby through her social media. Fans who have been watching for hours the lifestyle and beauty YouTube star were shocked when they learned she was expecting her first child.
    • The YouTuber, who is known by the nickname Lil Yas, uploaded a video titled IM Pregnant. In the video, she stated that she was going through eight months of pregnancies that were not planned.
    • The mother-to-be is due to give birth to her baby within the next three weeks.
    • Yasmeen Nicole has shared that her fans were worried when she stopped sharing photos of her whole body. she decided that it was the perfect moment to relay her positive news to them.

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